Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm starting this blog and I'm going to cover all sorts of topics. It's my place to unload and I hope you join me and unload too. I'll talk about my family, my dogs, my cats, my photography, music, making movies and documentaries, cameras, film, screenwriting, writing, books, saving money, cost saving topics, our real estate ventures, houses, mortgages, refinancing, landlording, work life, home life, gas saving cars, dieting, weight loss (and gain), growing old, rude people, things that make me grouchy and just about anything else.

I'm going to try a new diet next week. I'll let you know more about it next week. I've been on so many diets but need to get back on track once again. I'll be finding out about this one on Saturday so I'll update you more on this one.


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