Thursday, April 20, 2006

This is what its all about

Ok, here's what I'm planning on doing... on Tuesday night I'm going to go to a meeting to learn about a product that's supposed to help people with their health, etc. I believe its called Reliv. It was invented by a guy named Dr. Theodore P. Kalogris. He worked from his wheelchair, traveling throughout the world and he learned from everything around him. He studied the effects of good nutrition and crated a formula that is supposed to help keep you healthy. I guess I'll learn more about it on Tuesday. Its another one of those MLM products, but I wanted to give it a try since I checked it out and haven't found anything bad about it yet, except that some parishners of churches (since it seems to be sold by quite a few ministers - including the one that's going to tell me about it) complain that they get called in by their minister only to be asked to purchase the product which they get annoyed about. I could see why that would annoy a parishner. I want to see how expensive this product is... and exactly what it does... etc. The woman that I talked to made it sound like it should help with weight loss, diabetes help, etc. We'll see, I'm not too optimistic, but I'll listen with an open mind.


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